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This 18th century description by historian and clergyman Vito Amore elegantly summarizes the political, economical and cultural importance of this city whose history is rooted in remote ages and events. Historical sources maintain that a town called Motyca, hereabouts, was inhabited by prehistoric peoples, called Sikels, around the 7th century BC., at the time of the Greek Colonization of Sicily; the historian Mario Carrafa, in the 18th century, told of Greek coins discovered the area, bearing the inscription Motayon. [ more ]


Ragusa (258km from Ragusa; 68000 inhabitants; 502m a. s. l.; zip code 97100; area code 0932) is the province’s capital city, interesting for both its artistical and historical heritage. Set on a wide limestone hill between two deep valleys (the Cava San Leonardo and the Cava Santa Domenica), it is divided into two distinct areas: Ragusa Ibla (the lower side) and Ragusa (the upper side), separated by the so-called valle dei ponti (valley of the bridges), a deep valley that is crossed by four successive bridges, among which that known as dei cappuccini (of the Capuchins), dating from the 18th century, is especially renowned. [ more ]


Scicli is a most lovely city in the province of Ragusa, lying on a vast valley amidst rocky mountains, where the San Bartolomeo, the Santa Maria La Nuova and the Fiumara di Modica rivers join. Its 18th century look most resulted from the reconstruction that followed the terrible earthquake of 1693. Thanks to its elegant palazzi and churches, and its picturesque shape, it is famously known as the “Baroque Jewel”. [ more ]


Pozzallo (33km from Ragusa; 18,000 inhabitants; 20m a.s.l.; zip code 97016, area code 0932) is the only coastal city of the province. It nestles in a beautiful and much frequented bay.
The importance of Pozzallo goes back to the 14th century, when it was a strategic military and commercial outpost for the County of Modica. The Count had a harbor built there, the so-called caricatore, around which the Scaro, the earliest quarter, soon grew up. This is one the most picturesque sides in town, thanks to its narrow, cosy streets. The modern city has grown on a modern orthogonal urban grid. [ more ]


Ispica (33km from Ragusa; 15000 inhabitants; 170m a.s.l.; zip code 97014; area code 0932) is a lovely town located on the eastern end of the province of Ragusa, bounding Siracusa’s district. The town planning, resulting from the reconstruction following the 1693’s earthquake, is among the most modern in Sicily; nonetheless it is adorned with some splendid palazzi and churches. [ more ]



Driving the coastal road Pozzallo-Marina di Ragusa, stands the lovely village of Sampieri, an administrative division of Scicli. It is an old fishing village, perhaps the most picturesque in the province’s shore, its stone houses jostled with one another, bordering a maze of narrow streets.
Fine accommodation and recreational facilities have been growing of recent, what has contributed to increasing the tourism influx. [ more ]


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